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Love Candle Heaven Pursuit for Perfection

As candle lovers, we ventured into the candle industry looking for ways to enhance the candle experience. Our dream was to create candles that last longer, smell great.  We started with 100% soy wax that is natural and burns clean in your home. Then, we added premium fragrances that transform your home into a relaxing and wonderful experience. We pride ourselves in becoming the BEST candle and Ring Company. We hand pick every Ring, and are NOT buying in Bulk, are picking out each and every ring ourselves. So you will be getting much better Rings every time!!! The Love Candle Heaven Advantage

  • Perfect for Gift Giving
  • Our Rings are starting out at $10.00 -$5000
  • 100% soy wax
  • Will fill your room with the Best Fragrance
  • 100% poured in the USA


How it Works All Love Candle Heaven products are hand-made in the U.S. with 100% soy wax and include A beautiful hand picked .925 Ring, or a lot of times you get a great surprise worth even more!!!!


BECOMING A REP What to Expect.

  • Love Candle Heaven (LCH) is a Direct Sals Company in the U.S.!!!!
  • Extensive training resources, on our Facebook page and you can call corporate anytime!!!!
  • Earn up to 40% commissions from your sales and down line sales.
  • Run your business the way you want. Host in home “Reveal Parties,” online parties, vendor events or just sell online.
  • A personalized store expands your sales opportunities. Sell products in person and online 24/7, 365 days a year with our state-of-the-art E-commerce system. Orders ship directly to your customers, saving you time and money. Easy access to your sales reports, down lines sales, commissions, payments and many other detailed notifications
  • Access to the “back office,” a secure section of the LCH website only available to representatives. The back office contains dedicated training portals, sales tracking, real-time commissions, collaboration, promotion ideas, marketing materials, and much more.​
  • Expect yourself to grow with us, and every week bigger and better things will come
  • You are a Qualified Rep as soon as you buy your Membership kit.   Senior Sales Rep is $1000 in Sales, Executive Sales Rep $2000 in Sales and 5 reps in your downline, National Sales Rep $5000 in sales and 15 in your downline.

Ready To Get Started?

Choose A Start Up Package That Fits Your Budget. To Sign up, you will need an order number as proof of purchase of one of the following:

Membership Starter Fee – $29.95 ( On sale $10.00)

  • E-commerce Store/Overnight Prints

Love Candle Heaven Starter Pack – $99.95

  • E-commerce Store/Overnight Prints
  • 2 Candles (21 oz. and 26 oz.)
  • 12 Sample Tins
  • 3 Extra Beautiful Rings



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why is there an air bubble in my jar? This is called glass adhesion. It is actually very common with candles that are in containers, and can happen with soy or paraffin wax. The glass often magnifies the size of the air bubble, and makes it appear to be larger than it is. We can assure you that it will not affect the performance or life of the candle! It is just a part of the candle-making process when everything is hand-poured! What kind of wax do you use? Here at Love Candle Heaven, we pride ourselves on having 100% soy candles. The wax we use is all-natural, nontoxic, and the best scent you have ever smelled.


What is your Corporate Facebook Page?      Come join us! You are more than welcome to post positive messages, share reveal pictures, and videos. Contact your local LCH  Rep and join their Facebook page too!


How do I retrieve my ring? Here at LCH, we are not going to be putting your beautiful Rings in your candles, we will be putting them under the lid, so no mess.


How do I take care of my LCH candle? Upon arrival, make sure to smell the scent and take in the aroma! You won’t be disappointed. Thoroughly inspect your glass jar for imperfections, cracks, or damage caused during shipping. If you believe your candle to be damaged, please notify us within 10 business days from the USPS “Delivered” date. Please note: Candles that have been lit will not be replaced. Trim the wick to ¼ of an inch. Keep the candle free of any foreign materials, including matches and wick trimmings. Burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface in an open, well-ventilated area. Keep away from drafts, vibrations, or anything that may catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave candle unattended. Do not burn the candle for more than four hours at a time. Please allow an even melt pool to develop before extinguishing the flame. This will help ensure that your candle burns evenly. Safely extinguish candle by snuffing the flame. Please note: Never use water to extinguish candles. When re-lightening, be sure to trim the wick to a proper length and clean wick of any carbon deposits. These deposits can cause the flame to crack, smoke, or pop.


What is the value of your rings? The rings found in the lids of our candles will range from $10 to  thousand’s of dollars. We are like no other company. We hand pick every ring, to make sure they are what everyone wants and worth money. You will discover rings ranging from .925 sterling silver or gold plated rings some with stones made from cubic zirconium or other materials. As we grow as a company, the value will become even greater for our rings!!!!


Can I receive duplicate rings? Yes. It is always a possibility. But we haven’t been ordering the same beautiful rings of any one piece. We are priding ourselves of getting all different rings, but the best rings. If you would like to mail back the duplicate jewelry in a padded envelope, we will replace it for you. Please send the piece within 90 days from the USPS “Delivered” date. The shipping here will be at your expense, we will ship it back at our expense. The ring cannot show signs of wear, and please include your order number.


Do you offer a discount on bulk shipping? If you are ordering $500.00 and up, you will get 35% off your order please contact our Customer Service team at that time. Let us know what location they are being shipped to, as well as the quantity, We take each “BULK” order shipment into consideration on a case by case basis.

I received a broken candle. What do I do? First, let us say that we apologize for your inconvenience! We do insure our packages and will submit a claim with the carrier. Please notify us within 10 business days from the USPS “Delivered” date concerning your candle. Submit a support ticket through the site, including your Order ID, the candle’s scent/jewelry combination, and a photo of the not burned candle with the USPS packaging present. We pride ourselves in taking care of the problem quickly.


Does LCH ship product international. No. – Sorry, not at this time.



What are the exact shipping cost? The best way to find out exact pricing for your location is to add product to your cart and start the checkout process. We have different shipping options to choose from.. USPS​, UPS and Fed EX. We do not know the exact cost to every City or State. It all just depends on where you live..